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Reflexive Performer

Practicing and performing Reflexive Music involves four distinct perspectives (or roles): the Reflexive Listener, the Reflexive Composer, the Reflexive Conductor, and the Reflexive Producer. Applying all four modes to our behavior and awareness creates a particular flow - we experience this as the creative current. In this current we manifest ideas and bring our thoughts into action. Every moment becomes an invitation to perform our most illuminated selves.


With the ALP Tools we practice tuning our instrument (our red dot) so that we can choose what we wish to express with it, from an expanded range of possibility. To “perform” implies “carrying out an obligation”, in the arts it includes having an audience and a stage. For the Reflexive Performer, the living of life is our stage, one where “practicing love accurately” becomes our constant focus.

Once we shift our discursive mind from questions of WHY? and HOW? to questions of WHEN? and WHERE? - then we can expand into WHAT! We create a safe environment that is free of judgment where we can embrace our confusions and provoke and celebrate mistakes. In classical music, a score operates as a plan, but we cannot forget that any plan points to acts of planning.


As we perform the music it is really all about the vibrant acts of active planning, not the static plan. This is why a melody will never sound the same when played by different people, or even when it is played several times by the same player. With Reflexive Music Scores, the players are everyone, the instrument is myself, and the stage is where we choose it.

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