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Learn IT

Training is a process by which one studies the skills needed for an art, profession, or a job. The purpose of our official training is to teach and practice Reflexive Music. Any ALP Training focuses on learning Reflexive Music scores and supporting students to share their compositions with others. ​Any training ground is also an Active Listening Playground, on any scale (small or large) that conditions permit. ​

Repeat IT

Playing on a higher level involves repetition - how we dive in again and again, repeating the performance of an activity so as to acquire or maintain skillful proficiency. We do this regularly and consistently in order to improve our mastery. In practice we create grooves, new neural pathways, physical muscle memory. We create familiarity, and in relaxing into repetition discover fresh nuance and variation and a necessary comfort with new tools.

Play IT

One usually thinks of play as engaging in an activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose. However, we take play very seriously. So playing Reflexive Music means we incorporate a playfulness mindset into life work and everything inbetween. Adopting playfulness itself, as the true goal and not as a means to an end. With ALP, in our serious playing, we bridge our studio environment to become the outside world and make a strong connection between the tools and our everyday lives. The playfulness workshops and the cultivation of reflexive communication are guided by ALP Certified trainers.


Get a taste of Reflexive Music. An introduction to the ALP Approach with hands-on short practices of the ALP Tools with Certified

ALP Conductors and Masters.




The ALP Intensive is aimed towards teaching, and performing the four essential Etudes (the basic exercises of ALP Tools) and bridges the studio unfolding into everyday life. It is composed of small scale Active Listening Playgrounds conducted by the participants.


The ALP Residency is our newest program. This residency provides a deeper focus within the practice, and is offered to ALP Master-level students only.


The students study, compose and create Reflexive Music scores and compositions and live a fully Reflexive reality in their day-to-day lives for periods of one to six months.

We guide select participants in creating ongoing documentation of their process, in deconstructing and reconstructing their chosen topic/question, and in creating a final performance / presentation.



The ALP group practice is much like yoga-for-the-brain sessions and includes a balance between physical practice as well as develop a wide perspective of awareness on our way to notice what melodies existing in the noise and the part we play in encouraging us to expand our abilities to balance it.

Private sessions are available online as well as in studio.


The ALP Event includes a full week of ALP Approach & Tools training in groups and individual settings.

The ALP Event is what follows the ALP Training for the Game-Masters. (the group who will be leading the event). During the intensive training we conduct several ALP Labs with outreached community, aiming to practice the Tools and engaging more gamers that would join the final event and be able to play on a higher level. The event can include any amount of participants, depending on the community we wish to compose and conditions to support such event (location, budget and production)




This program is designed for organization interested in becoming certified as Reflexive Organizations. Organizations that began seeking for a new approach to the wellness of their company. Playfulness mindset introduced to a company as a huge effect on the culture being produced in a company, between employees, management and with clients.

Companies ready to explore further and bring the words into actions. We design specific workshops tailored to an organization’s capacity and interest.

Check our website focusing on accommodating the needs of the work environment for ALP and book it - an

Executive Playground

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