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Reflexive Academy is an educational branch of Composing Community Global Organization founded in 2014.  We are dedicated to spreading Reflexive Communication by teaching and performing Reflexive Music with as many people everywhere we can.


The Active listening playground is the performative stage where Reflexive Music is learned and performed. ​The ALP Approach & Tools were developed out of Reflexive music scores composed and conceptualized by Keren Rosenblum to allow student to start producing their own Active listening playgrounds. The original notation of those scores can accommodate anyone regardless of age, culture, social and health differences.



ALP is a realtime life approach that develops creativity, empathy and social connection within a group. The method can be applied to any time-space-condition. Participants can be of any age and come from any background. A group might consist of just 2 people, or it might include over 1000 people.


ALP Approach is based on communication-focused methodology and is taught using a series of simple exercises that create a safe environment where each participant finds space to discover and express an authentic voice while constructing personal and collective meaning. The underline theories that have been inspiration and guide lay in fields Individual psychology, play psychology, nonviolent communication, action theater and more...


The approach is internationally practiced and integrated into schools, academies, social organizations, communities and refugee camps around the world.

We focus on “finding’ instead of “searching”. We loop actions with reactions in a circular mode. Within the ALP Method we refer to this process as Reflexive Music. The music is everything that happens in the action, reaction and the in-between. Here, the term music extends beyond what we know from the world of instruments, orchestras, or choirs. It is about each movement, sound, and intention in the action-reaction event. ALP allows us to explore the possibilities within this space of action and reaction from multiple perspectives. We call this extended layering of perspectives the “I - YOU - WE - WORLD”.


Each individual in an ALP performance has four choices, they can listen, lead, compose, perform or produce. With the ALP Tools we claim the freedom of choosing our time and place to create in a supportive safe environment. This safety operates on three principles: 1) The freedom we find when we let go of our judgment of self and others; 2) The ease we find when we embrace our confusion as a positive state; 3) Provoking mistakes and celebrating them. With the ALP Tools reconfigured as music scores we are able to practice our strengths and weaknesses as observers, innovators and imitators. We begin to experience a healthy balance between these roles that allow individuals and communities to form meaning and engage in heartfelt interaction.

The ALP training uses the ALP tools to train local teams to practice with an associated larger community. The local teams are then empowered to develop and integrate both tools and concepts in order to build a strong and sustainable creative and supportive community.


The Playground is a literal metaphor for an environment in which each individual in a group can find a way to express, connect and play. With the ALP Tools we transform into leaders, develop creativity, work in a team, learn to let go and become strong followers.

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