Artists dedicate their lives to perfecting and exploring artistic expression. Their sound, their "IT", is an ongoing conversation between the inner world, the outer world and all the realms in between.  With the ALP Approach, artists can become accurate and precise with their sound, expand their perspectives with the modes of Composing, Conducting & Producing, all in order to bring voice to expression and to inhabit their own peak performances.



A transformational leader listens to individual voices within a community while simultaneously synthesizing the various parts into a whole. A transformation leader composes the communal symphony and enacts change through skillful communication. Our culture needs innovative communication skills in order to successfully work with and compose communities, to identify the place where change is needed and to create new visions to address those changes. By creating safe environments and establishing trust between leaders and communities we invite bold ideas, share our possibilities and graceful rescues, and build a better world.



Teachers carry a three-fold responsibility: to share their knowledge with others, to inspire learning, and to strive towards continual growth in their own learning curve. As teachers we share our findings, we learn from our students, and we create sustainable growth by nourishing both student and teacher